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EGI-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated Status
3036-v0 EGI-Engage D2.14 Final Report on Communications, Dissemination and Engagement None EGI-Engage-AMB
11 Jan 2017 DRAFT
3149-v11 D6.15 Demonstrator for ELIXIR workflows implemented in the EGI Federated cloud Kimmo Mattila et al. EGI-Engage
User Engagement and Support
11 Aug 2017 DEPRECATED
2835-v0 EGI-Engage M 2.7 EGI Service management practices are audited Malgorzata Krakowian EGI-Engage
13 Jun 2016 DRAFT
87-v15 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Template Sergio Andreozzi et al. EGI
01 Aug 2017 DRAFT
2324-v8 EGI services Availability and Reliability Report Malgorzata Krakowian Operations
12 Jul 2017 DRAFT
2550-v23 Service Design and Transition Package (SDTP): Template Sy Holsinger Strategy and Policy
03 Jul 2017 FINAL
3156-v1 QC_Verification-Executive_Summary-oneacct.centos7.x86_64-0.4.6.txt Ruben Diez-Lazaro Software Provisioning
29 Jun 2017 FINAL
2770-v19 Operation Level Agreement Period: 1 May 2016 - 30 December 2017 Peter Solagna et al. Internal
28 Jun 2017 DRAFT
2874-v6 VO SLA LSGC and VO OLAs LSGC Giuseppe La Rocca
28 Jun 2017 FINAL
1146-v4 Annual Financial Accounts and Audit Report celine bitoune EGI
13 Dec 2016 FINAL
1715-v16 Travel Request & Reimbursement Form for non staff and based on Lump Sum scheme celine bitoune Internal
Finished Projects
Executive Board
21 Jun 2017 FINAL
3108-v1 Revising the EGI strategy towards 2025 - Survey for the EGI Council Sergio Andreozzi Council
02 May 2017 FINAL
3101-v1 EGI introduction for members of Austrian research collaborations Tiziana Ferrari Council
19 Apr 2017 FINAL
2888-v5 VO SLA EMSO and VO OLAs EMSO Malgorzata Krakowian
13 Apr 2017 FINAL
3026-v5 EGI-Engage D4.8 Cross-infrastructure case studies report Enol Fernandez del Castillo
03 Mar 2017 FINAL
2630-v7 EGI Policy Brief on Service Portfolio Roberta Piscitelli Council
Executive Board
Strategy and Policy
10 Feb 2017 DRAFT
3005-v1 e-Infrastructure technology training Giuseppe La Rocca EGI
13 Dec 2016 FINAL
2733-v5 EGI Corporate Service Level Agreement Malgorzata Krakowian
02 Dec 2016 FINAL
151-v4 Executive Board Terms of Reference Yannick Legre Council
Executive Board
14 Nov 2016 FINAL
152-v4 EGI Council Terms of Reference Yannick Legre Council
14 Nov 2016 FINAL
2944-v1 EGI Change Management (CHM) - An Introduction Matthew Viljoen
26 Oct 2016 DRAFT
2943-v1 UberCloud / EGI MoU Sy Holsinger
Strategy and Policy
26 Oct 2016 FINAL
2942-v1 CloudSME / EGI MoU Sy Holsinger
Strategy and Policy
26 Oct 2016 FINAL
2544-v1 EGI Communities Requirement Extraction Template Yin Chen User Engagement and Support
18 Oct 2016 DRAFT
2558-v13 EGI FitSM Training Service Offers Sy Holsinger Strategy and Policy
11 Oct 2016 FINAL
2410-v1 Open Science Commons Sergio Andreozzi
11 Oct 2016 DRAFT
2851-v1 Exploiting Earth Observation Data at European Scale Roberta Piscitelli
Strategy and Policy
16 Aug 2016 DRAFT
825-v7 MoU between and UVACSE Sy Holsinger
Software Provisioning
12 Jul 2016 FINAL
2857-v1 Exploiting Earth Observation Data at European Scale: EGI Data Hub for Sentinel Data Roberta Piscitelli Strategy and Policy
05 Jul 2016 FINAL
2807-v2 EGI-Engage M2.4 EGI Service management practices are audited Sy Holsinger et al.
Strategy and Policy
13 Jun 2016 FINAL
2790-v4 D3.5 - First release of the new Accounting Portal deployed in production Ivan Diaz Alvarez EGI-Engage-AMB
24 May 2016 DEPRECATED
2789-v2 EGI Accounting Portal User's Guide Ivan Diaz Alvarez Activities
Finished Projects
24 May 2016 FINAL
2784-v5 EGI-Engage D6.9 Web portals for tsunami wave propagation simulations and for WRF-based weather simulation Eric Yen EGI-Engage-AMB
User Engagement and Support
18 May 2016 FINAL
2131-v6 Strategy and Innovation Board (SIB) - Terms of Reference Sergio Andreozzi Executive Board
17 May 2016 FINAL
2813-v1 HBP Testbed Status Matthew Viljoen Virtual Team
16 May 2016 FINAL
2812-v1 EGI Input to H2020 WP2018-2020 Consultation Tiziana Ferrari Council
Strategy and Policy
13 May 2016 FINAL
710-v3 EGI Security Incident Handling Procedure Mingchao Ma et al. Security
05 Apr 2016 DEPRECATED
2387-v11 The Value of Joining Sergio Andreozzi et al. Council
29 Mar 2016 DRAFT
1316-v8 (DUPLICATE, see document ID 1339) EGI Transition Plan to ERIC Damir Marinovic et al. Council
09 Mar 2016 DEPRECATED
18-v4 statutes Yannick Legre et al.
08 Mar 2016 FINAL
2754-v1 Human Brain Project - Testing Status Update Matthew Viljoen NIL
Virtual Team
22 Feb 2016 DRAFT
2482-v9 EGI-Engage M6.1 EGI training plan Gergely Sipos EGI-Engage
User Engagement and Support
10 Feb 2016 FINAL
2588-v1 PCAWG Pancancer Analysis of Whole Genomes - Request of collaboration Tiziana Ferrari Internal
Executive Board
User Engagement and Support
05 Nov 2015 FINAL
283-v9 EGI-CSIRT Critical Vulnerability Operational Procedure Linda Cornwall
02 Nov 2015 DEPRECATED
2629-v1 MoU between Compute Canada and Tiziana Ferrari
User Engagement and Support
Strategy and Policy
27 Oct 2015 FINAL
2417-v17 EGI Strategy - 2015-2020 Sergio Andreozzi et al. Council
10 Sep 2015 FINAL
2302-v1 Service Management Plan Sy Holsinger
31 Jul 2015 DEPRECATED
2546-v3 EGI Communities Requirement Extraction Template: Open Data Platform Yin Chen EGI-Engage
User Engagement and Support
30 Jul 2015 DRAFT
2490-v2 A changing landscape for science gateways Gergely Sipos EGI-Engage
User Engagement and Support
08 Jul 2015 DRAFT
2495-v2 EGI powerpoint presentation template Malgorzata Krakowian EGI
16 Jun 2015 FINAL
215-v8 Resource Infrastructure Provider MoU Template Sergio Andreozzi et al.
12 Jun 2015 DEPRECATED
59-v23 EGI Policy Document Template None Strategy and Policy
05 Jun 2015 FINAL
333-v1 Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) template for Technology Provider Sergio Andreozzi
05 Jun 2015 DEPRECATED
2480-v1 Compendium of e-Infrastructure requirements for the digital ERA Isabel Campos Plasencia et al. User Engagement and Support
20 May 2015 FINAL
2407-v2 Mou between and CSIR Meraka (African-Arabian Region) Sergio Andreozzi
15 Apr 2015 FINAL
2339-v11 EGI Business Engagement Programme Sergio Andreozzi et al.
10 Feb 2015 FINAL
2285-v2 MoU between and CLAF (Latin America) Sergio Andreozzi EGI
01 Feb 2015 FINAL
2362-v3 Core services performance report May-October 2014 Malgorzata Krakowian Operations
27 Nov 2014 DRAFT
2356-v1 BioVeL services as cloud appliances Nuno L. Ferreira
17 Nov 2014 FINAL
19 Jun 2014 FINAL
2117-v1 Ecological Niche Modelling in the EGI Cloud Federation Daniele Lezzi
17 Feb 2014 DRAFT
2042-v1 COMPUTING FOR LHC Jesus Marco de Lucas Council
01 Dec 2013 FINAL
1618-v4 UMD Release Team (URT) Terms Of Reference Michel Drescher et al. Executive Board
20 Aug 2013 FINAL
1655-v1 supporting BioVeL in WP5 Nuno L. Ferreira
06 Aug 2013 DRAFT
1472-v6 Scientific Review Committee (SRC) - Terms Of Reference Damir Marinovic Council
03 Jul 2013 DRAFT
1826-v1 EGI Annual Report 2012-2013, artwork files for print Viviane Li EGI-InSPIRE
20 Jun 2013 FINAL
1763-v1 EGI service offerings to the CMMST community Gergely Sipos
18 May 2013 FINAL
1140-v2 EGI Crisis Plan Catherine Gater
05 Apr 2013 FINAL
1672-v4 Ecological Niche Modelling Daniele Lezzi
04 Apr 2013 DRAFT
1654-v2 Position on Research Data Infrastructures: Framework for Action Tiziana Ferrari et al.
27 Mar 2013 FINAL
1559-v1 EGI Overview Gergely Sipos EGI-InSPIRE
29 Jan 2013 FINAL
1391-v4 Exploring how researchers can pay for EGI Resources Sergio Andreozzi et al.
28 Jan 2013 FINAL
939-v4 MoU with SAGA - Documents Damir Marinovic
09 Nov 2012 DRAFT
938-v11 MoU with IGE - Documents Damir Marinovic
09 Nov 2012 DRAFT
1412-v1 Integrating openModeller with the EGI Federated Cloud Nuno L. Ferreira
24 Oct 2012 FINAL
6-v3 Test - Ignore Ales Krenek et al.
11 Oct 2012 DEPRECATED
933-v2 MoU with HMRC - Documents Sy Holsinger
14 Sep 2012 DRAFT
940-v3 MoU with EDGI - Documents Damir Marinovic EGI
03 Sep 2012 DRAFT
205-v16 Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) template for VRC Sergio Andreozzi et al.
10 Aug 2012 DEPRECATED
1273-v5 MoU Annual Report - 2011-2012 Sy Holsinger
03 Aug 2012 FINAL
937-v1 MoU with WeNMR - Documents Sy Holsinger
26 Jun 2012 DRAFT
934-v1 MoU with LSGC - Documents Sy Holsinger
26 Jun 2012 DRAFT
589-v6 Feedback for MS306 Erika Swiderski EGI-InSPIRE
21 Jun 2012 FINAL
1177-v1 Science Gateways for Life Sciences - slides for IWSG-Life 2012 Richard McLennan
01 Jun 2012 FINAL
612-v18 D5.4 UMD Roadmap Michel Drescher et al. EGI-InSPIRE
09 May 2012 FINAL
1121-v2 Project Policy Steven Newhouse EGI
04 May 2012 FINAL
1120-v2 Withdrawing Services Policy Steven Newhouse EGI
04 May 2012 FINAL
284-v2 Feedback on MS212 Erika Swiderski EGI-InSPIRE
01 Apr 2012 FINAL
1047-v1 EGI Strategic Plan - 2012 Steven Newhouse
09 Mar 2012 DRAFT
891-v2 EGI Position Paper on the ERA Framework Damir Marinovic EGI
09 Feb 2012 FINAL
830-v7 MoU between and e.nventory Sergio Andreozzi None
04 Jan 2012 FINAL
930-v2 Digital Agenda going Local, Horizon 2020 and Structural Funds Damir Marinovic EGI
15 Dec 2011 FINAL
615-v6 MS509 Service Level Agreement with a Software Provider Michel Drescher
24 Aug 2011 FINAL
526-v16 UMD Release Schedule Michel Drescher TCB
21 Jul 2011 DRAFT
674-v2 NGI/EIRO understanding and preference about the ERIC model Damir Marinovic Council
11 Jul 2011 FINAL
664-v1 EGI Position Paper on Common Strategic Framework for future EU Research and Innovation Funding Damir Marinovic et al.
08 Jul 2011 FINAL
401-v5 NGI/EIRO Survey analysis for Policy Session at EGI User Forum 2011 Sergio Andreozzi et al.
14 Jun 2011 FINAL
568-v1 Annual Accounts 2010 Steven Newhouse
08 Jun 2011 FINAL
462-v6 Policy Development BOF at EGI User Forum 2011 Sergio Andreozzi
01 Jun 2011 DRAFT
317-v6 EGI Role towards Europe 2020 Damir Marinovic et al.
Executive Board
11 Feb 2011 FINAL
169-v8 Policy Development Process (PDP) Sergio Andreozzi et al.
09 Feb 2011 FINAL
292-v1 EGI Operations Tiziana Ferrari
21 Dec 2010 FINAL
58-v3 OLA NGI Questionnaire Dimitris Zilaskos
10 Dec 2010 FINAL
14-v1 BCNET/CANARIE Conference Steven Newhouse EGI-InSPIRE
01 Dec 2010 FINAL

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