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EGI-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3841-v5 EGI Digital Innovation Hub - Partnership Terms of Reference Sergio Andreozzi et al. Executive Board
08 Sep 2022
1121-v2 Project Policy Steven Newhouse Council
04 May 2012
2387-v10 The Value of Joining Sergio Andreozzi et al. Council
29 Feb 2016
151-v6 EGI Foundation Executive Board Terms of Reference Tiziana Ferrari Executive Board
28 Apr 2021
152-v7 EGI Council Terms of Reference Tiziana Ferrari Council
23 Mar 2021
2131-v8 Strategy and Innovation Board (SIB) - Terms of Reference Sergio Andreozzi Council
Executive Board
11 Jan 2021
3656-v1 Joint position paper on the EOSC - A tool for enabling Open Science in Europe Owen Appleton et al. Council
Executive Board
22 Sep 2020
1146-v4 Annual Financial Accounts and Audit Report celine bitoune EGI
23 Sep 2021
3623-v2 MoU between EGI Foundation and IMCS-UL (Latvia) Gergely Sipos Council
User Engagement and Support
03 Aug 2020
3435-v2 EGI Governance Sergio Andreozzi Council
16 Sep 2019
2630-v7 EGI Policy Brief on Service Portfolio - EGI Council April 2016 Roberta Piscitelli Council
Strategy and Policy
Executive Board
23 Oct 2018
3357-v3 EGI Strategic and Innovation Fund - Call 2018/2 - Documents Sergio Andreozzi Council
24 Sep 2018
3298-v6 EGI Strategic and Innovation Fund - Documents Sergio Andreozzi Council
17 Sep 2018
3108-v1 Revising the EGI strategy towards 2025 - Survey for the EGI Council Sergio Andreozzi Council
02 May 2017
3101-v1 EGI introduction for members of Austrian research collaborations Tiziana Ferrari Council
19 Apr 2017
2812-v1 EGI Input to H2020 WP2018-2020 Consultation Tiziana Ferrari Strategy and Policy
13 May 2016
1316-v8 (DUPLICATE, see document ID 1339) EGI Transition Plan to ERIC Damir Marinovic et al. EGI
09 Mar 2016
2588-v1 PCAWG Pancancer Analysis of Whole Genomes - Request of collaboration Tiziana Ferrari Internal
User Engagement and Support
Executive Board
05 Nov 2015
2417-v17 EGI Strategy - 2015-2020 Sergio Andreozzi et al. Council
10 Sep 2015
2480-v1 Compendium of e-Infrastructure requirements for the digital ERA Isabel Campos Plasencia et al. UCB
User Engagement and Support
20 May 2015
2042-v1 COMPUTING FOR LHC Jesus Marco de Lucas Council
01 Dec 2013
1472-v6 Scientific Review Committee (SRC) - Terms Of Reference Damir Marinovic Council
03 Jul 2013
1120-v2 Withdrawing Services Policy Steven Newhouse EGI
04 May 2012
1047-v1 EGI Strategic Plan - 2012 Steven Newhouse EGI
09 Mar 2012
674-v2 NGI/EIRO understanding and preference about the ERIC model Damir Marinovic EGI
11 Jul 2011
568-v1 Annual Accounts 2010 Steven Newhouse Council
08 Jun 2011

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