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3711-v1 EOSC-hub webinar: Analysis of business models for acquiring services in the EOSC Sergio Andreozzi et al. WP12 Business Models and Procurement
31 Mar 2021
3624-v1 EOSC-hub Integration report Diego Scardaci WP1 Project Management and Coordination
25 Jun 2020
3301-v7 EOSC-hub D3.1 Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Plan Tiziana Ferrari WP3 Innovation Management, Communication
09 Mar 2020
3559-v2 EOSC-hub PY1 Review Response Tiziana Ferrari EOSC-hub
17 Jan 2020
3529-v2 Template for EOSC Technical Specification Diego Scardaci EOSC-hub
WP10 Technical Coordination
08 Jan 2020
3454-v1 The Present and Future of Open Science in Europe - Keynote at MIPRO2019 Gergely Sipos WP3 Innovation Management, Communication
User Engagement and Support
16 Oct 2019
3489-v1 EOSC-hub Briefing Paper - EOSC Technical Architecture V1 Giacinto Donvito et al. WP10 Technical Coordination
03 Aug 2019
3486-v1 OBSOLETE - EOSC-hub Briefing Paper - EOSC Federating Core Governance and Sustainability Magchiel Bijsterbosch et al. WP2 Strategy and Business Development
31 Jul 2019
3443-v1 Common Vision, Service Provision, and Role in the EOSC Governance Tiziana Ferrari WP2 Strategy and Business Development
03 Apr 2019
3365-v2 EOSC-hub Status Update Tiziana Ferrari et al. WP1 Project Management and Coordination
08 Oct 2018
3277-v1 EOSC-hub Service Portfolio Tiziana Ferrari WP2 Strategy and Business Development
16 Feb 2018
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