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3132-v1 EGI Applications On Demand Service - Catering for the computational needs of the long tail of science (IWSG2017 paper) Unknown et al. User Engagement and Support
14 Mar 2018
3039-v4 EGI-Engage D5.4 Status report and evolution of operations after the project Unknown EGI-Engage-AMB
15 Sep 2017
2770-v19 Operation Level Agreement Period: 1 May 2016 - 30 December 2017 Unknown et al. Internal
28 Jun 2017
3086-v2 Forms to request the connection of an IdP or SP with CheckIn Unknown Operations
14 Jun 2017
334-v45 OPS VO membership Emir Imamagic Operations
03 Dec 2014
2671-v8 EGI-Engage D5.2 Platforms for the long-tail of science Unknown et al. EGI-Engage-AMB
09 Mar 2016
2689-v1 Review of EGI-Engage D 5.1 Report on the evolution of the EGI Operations Unknown et al. EGI-Engage-AMB
07 Mar 2016
725-v3 VO and Resource Provider SLA Template Unknown et al. EGI-InSPIRE
08 Feb 2016
2219-v5 Annual Report on the status of Software Provisioning activity D5.12 Unknown et al. EGI-InSPIRE
16 Jun 2014
2198-v1 EGI Solution: High-Throughput Data Analysis Unknown et al. None
30 Apr 2014
2049-v6 EGI position paper for an European identity federation for researchers Unknown Operations
19 Jan 2014
1995-v1 Critical alarms for glue validator Unknown Operations
28 Oct 2013
1860-v10 MS516 software provisioning process Unknown EGI-InSPIRE
01 Aug 2013
1657-v6 D5.9 Annual Report on the status of Software Provisioning activity Unknown None
01 May 2013
1640-v1 EGI Unified Middleware Distribution: heterogeneous middleware components for a distributed e-Infrastructure Unknown Operations
Software Provisioning
22 Mar 2013
1443-v3 SHA-2 readiness assesment from the Technology Providers Unknown TCB
13 Mar 2013
1291-v6 EGI note on migration to SHA-2 certificates Unknown et al. Security
23 Aug 2012
1119-v4 EGI policy for the TMPDIR environment variable usage Unknown Operations
09 May 2012
624-v5 MoU with EMI - Documents Unknown et al. None
13 Jan 2012
538-v1 WORKDIR and TMPDIR for MPI jobs in large clusters Unknown EGI
30 May 2011

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