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EGI-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated Status
2770-v9 Operation Level Agreement Period: 1 May 2016 - 30 December 2017 M. Krakowian OMB
29 Apr 2016 DRAFT
1715-v12 Travel Request & Reimbursement Form for non staff and based on Lump Sum scheme celine bitoune Finished Projects
Executive Board
26 Apr 2016 FINAL
2800-v1 EGU2016 INDIGO submission and presentations Yin Chen INDIGO-DataCloud
25 Apr 2016 DRAFT
2799-v1 EGU2016 Submissions and Presentaions Yin Chen EGI-Engage
25 Apr 2016 FINAL
2785-v5 EGI-Engage D1.3 Report of quality status and quality plan for Period 2 M. Krakowian EGI-Engage-AMB
21 Apr 2016 DRAFT
2797-v1 EGI RC OLA and RP OLA Reports for March 2016 Paschalis Korosoglou Operations
21 Apr 2016 DRAFT
2784-v2 EGI-Engage D6.9 Web portals for tsunami wave propagation simulations and for WRF-based weather simulation Eric Yen User Engagement and Support
19 Apr 2016 DRAFT
2284-v7 services Quality of Support Report M. Krakowian Operations
14 Apr 2016 DRAFT
2324-v6 services Availability and Reliability Report M. Krakowian
14 Apr 2016 DRAFT

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