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EGI-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated Status
2874-v11 VO SLA LSGC and VO OLAs LSGC Giuseppe La Rocca Operations
20 Mar 2018 FINAL
2751-v15 VO SLA MoBrain and VO OLAs MoBrain Malgorzata Krakowian Operations
20 Mar 2018 DRAFT
2763-v16 VO SLA Terradue and VO OLAs Terradue Malgorzata Krakowian EGI
19 Mar 2018 FINAL
2701-v7 VO SLA BILS, VO OLAs BILS and reports Malgorzata Krakowian Operations
User Engagement and Support
19 Mar 2018 DRAFT
2371-v26 EGI VO Service Level Agreement and Operational Level Agreement template Malgorzata Krakowian EGI
19 Mar 2018 FINAL
2768-v7 EGI Training Infrastructure OLAs Malgorzata Krakowian Operations
15 Mar 2018 DRAFT
3132-v1 EGI Applications On Demand Service - Catering for the computational needs of the long tail of science (IWSG2017 paper) Giuseppe La Rocca et al. User Engagement and Support
14 Mar 2018 FINAL

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