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EGI-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated Status
3030-v3 EGI-Engage D3.16 Final report on EGI Service Registry and Marketplace Diego Scardaci EGI-Engage-AMB
22 Jun 2017 DRAFT
3152-v1 QC verifition report for ARC-CE 15.03.14 Joao Antonio Tomasio Pina Software Provisioning
21 Jun 2017 FINAL
1715-v16 Travel Request & Reimbursement Form for non staff and based on Lump Sum scheme celine bitoune EGI
Finished Projects
Executive Board
21 Jun 2017 FINAL
3150-v1 QC Verification Report: Pablo Orviz Software Provisioning
20 Jun 2017 FINAL

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