List of Groups

egi-engage-financial EGI Engage financial
spg-discuss Security Policy Group discussions
inspire-sa1 EGI-InSPIRE SA1 Operations
lsrdi-vt Life Science Reference Data Integration Virtual Team
ssb Services and Solutions Board (SSB) discussions
ER-flow-all ER flow project all members
champions-oversight EGI Champions Scheme Oversight
inspire-financial EGI InSPIRE financial contacts
csirt Security incident handling across EGI project
envri-eiscat3d ENVRI EISCAT3D
noc-managers NGI Operations Centre managers
elixir-pilot Integrating ELIXIR reference datasets within the European Grid Infrastructure
sw-rel-qc NSRW Quality Criteria Verification Notification
ict7-editorial-board ICT7 editorial board
fondacloud Fondacloud
egi-engage-members EGI Engage Members
GCG-discuss Glossary Coordination Group discussions
council-docs Staff within the participants of who have access to Council material.
egi-engage Coordination of operations, software provisioning, tool development, user engagement
inspire-cb EGI InSPIRE collaboration board
ngi-de NGI Germany
egi-ace-sfg Strategy Foresight expert Group members
vt-funded-all all mini project members
svg-rat The Risk Assessment Team for the EGI Software Vulnerability Group
egi-ace-po EGI-ACE project office
egi-ace-wp5 WP5 Federated data spaces (VA) all
tcb-discuss Technology Coordination Board (TCB) discussions
rt-ucst UCST Internal Tasks
scg-discuss Security Coordination Group (SCG) discussions
EOSC-hub-ga EOSC Hub GA
pokus test2
council Council
ER-flow-PMB ER flow project PMB
cc-elixir Competence Center ELIXIR
office office and project offices
DocDBAdm Document Database Administrators
executive-board Executive Board
egi-ace-ga General Assembly members
EOSC-hub-amb EOSC Hub AMB
UCB-discuss User Community Board (UCB) discussions
all-sso Everybody in EGI SSO
egi-ace-sds Service Delivery and Support board members
egi-ace-wp3 WP3 Infrastructure Services (VA) all
egi-ace-all-old EGI-ACE project members
eep-pilot2 EGI/EUDAT/PRACE pilot2 members
svg-discuss The EGI Software Vulnerability Group discussion list
eep-pilot1 EGI/EUDAT/PRACE pilot1 members
EOSC-hub-sb EOSC Hub SB
pc-tf11 The programme committee for the EGI 2011 Technical Forum
egi-ace-wp7 WP7 Service Delivery and Planning all
loc-tf11 The local organising committee for the EGI 2011 Technical Forum
inspire-members All EGI-InSPIRE members from PPT
operations-docs Operations documents writers
otag Operational Tools Advisory Group
egi-engage-pmb EGI-Engage Project Management Board
ops-vo-manager Ops VO manager
OAT-discuss Operations Automation Team (OAT) discussions
cloud Cloud
egi-ace-wp6 WP6 Federated Access Services (VA) all
external-access External access for reviews etc.
EISCAT-H2020 European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association - Horizon 2020
policy-discuss General forum to discuss policy issues in EGI
eosc-hub-all EOSC HUB ALL
mou-partners Contact Points for External Partners
pdp Policy Development Process Management
eep-pilot4 EGI/EUDAT/PRACE pilot4 members
spg Security Policy Group
EOSC-hub-pmb EOSC Hub PMB
fedcloud-tf Federated Clouds Task Force
technical-outreach Technical Outreach for New Communities
egi-ace-wp4 WP4 Platform Services (VA) all
eep-pilot3 EGI/EUDAT/PRACE pilot3 members
loc-tf10 The local organising committee for the EGI 2010 Technical Forum
marketanalysis Discussion list on market analysis of business sectors (EGI-Engage project)
egi-ace-ca Consortium Agreement discussions
egi-ace-all EGI-ACE project members
EGI-CSIRT-Team deleted group
council-docs-new Staff within the participants of who have access to Council material.
FA-team office and project offices with right to modify
egi-ace-finance EGI-ACE Finance contacts
EEF European E-infrastructure Forum
cc-bbmri Competence Center BBMRI
EGI EGI master group
esfri-docs ESFRI documents
pc-tf10 The programme committee for the EGI 2010 Technical Forum
eric-wg Discussion list for the ERIC WG
ngi-international-liaisons NGI international liaisons
egi-engage-cb EGI-Engage Collaboration Board
envri-all ENVRI Project
mu-docs Middleware Unit documents writers
umd-team UMD Provisioning the Software Infrastructure team
EGI-Security-Assessment EGI-Security-Assessment metagroup
ngi-cz NGI Czech Republic
egi-engage-amb EGI-Engage Activity Management Board
champions-discuss includes 9 Champions, NA2 Leaders and UCST
egi-ace-pmb Project Management Board members
dmsu Deployed Middleware Support Unit at
pc-cf12 EGI Community Forum 2012 Programme Committee
sib EGI Strategy and Innovation Board
egi-ace-wp2 WP2 Coordination and cooperation all

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