List of Groups

all-sso Everybody in EGI SSO
cc-bbmri Competence Center BBMRI
cc-elixir Competence Center ELIXIR
champions-discuss includes 9 Champions, NA2 Leaders and UCST
champions-oversight EGI Champions Scheme Oversight
cloud Cloud
council Council
council-docs Staff within the participants of who have access to Council material.
csirt Security incident handling across EGI project
dmsu Deployed Middleware Support Unit at
DocDBAdm Document Database Administrators
EEF European E-infrastructure Forum
eep-pilot1 EGI/EUDAT/PRACE pilot1 members
eep-pilot2 EGI/EUDAT/PRACE pilot2 members
eep-pilot3 EGI/EUDAT/PRACE pilot3 members
eep-pilot4 EGI/EUDAT/PRACE pilot4 members
EGI EGI master group
EGI-CSIRT-Team deleted group
egi-engage Coordination of operations, software provisioning, tool development, user engagement
egi-engage-amb EGI-Engage Activity Management Board
egi-engage-cb EGI-Engage Collaboration Board
egi-engage-financial EGI Engage financial
egi-engage-members EGI Engage Members
egi-engage-pmb EGI-Engage Project Management Board
EGI-Security-Assessment EGI-Security-Assessment metagroup
EISCAT-H2020 European Incoherent Scatter Scientific Association - Horizon 2020
elixir-pilot Integrating ELIXIR reference datasets within the European Grid Infrastructure
envri-all ENVRI Project
envri-eiscat3d ENVRI EISCAT3D
eosc-hub-all EOSC HUB ALL
EOSC-hub-amb EOSC Hub AMB
EOSC-hub-ga EOSC Hub GA
EOSC-hub-pmb EOSC Hub PMB
EOSC-hub-sb EOSC Hub SB
ER-flow-all ER flow project all members
ER-flow-PMB ER flow project PMB
eric-wg Discussion list for the ERIC WG
esfri-docs ESFRI documents
executive-board Executive Board
external-access External access for reviews etc.
FA-team office and project offices with right to modify
fedcloud-tf Federated Clouds Task Force
fondacloud Fondacloud
GCG-discuss Glossary Coordination Group discussions
ict7-editorial-board ICT7 editorial board
inspire-cb EGI InSPIRE collaboration board
inspire-financial EGI InSPIRE financial contacts
inspire-members All EGI-InSPIRE members from PPT
inspire-sa1 EGI-InSPIRE SA1 Operations
loc-tf10 The local organising committee for the EGI 2010 Technical Forum
loc-tf11 The local organising committee for the EGI 2011 Technical Forum
lsrdi-vt Life Science Reference Data Integration Virtual Team
marketanalysis Discussion list on market analysis of business sectors (EGI-Engage project)
mou-partners Contact Points for External Partners
mu-docs Middleware Unit documents writers
ngi-cz NGI Czech Republic
ngi-de NGI Germany
ngi-international-liaisons NGI international liaisons
noc-managers NGI Operations Centre managers
OAT-discuss Operations Automation Team (OAT) discussions
office office and project offices
operations-docs Operations documents writers
ops-vo-manager Ops VO manager
otag Operational Tools Advisory Group
pc-cf12 EGI Community Forum 2012 Programme Committee
pc-tf10 The programme committee for the EGI 2010 Technical Forum
pc-tf11 The programme committee for the EGI 2011 Technical Forum
pdp Policy Development Process Management
pokus Just a testing list
policy-discuss General forum to discuss policy issues in EGI
rt-ucst UCST Internal Tasks
scg-discuss Security Coordination Group (SCG) discussions
sib EGI Strategy and Innovation Board
spg Security Policy Group
spg-discuss Security Policy Group discussions
ssb Services and Solutions Board (SSB) discussions
svg-discuss The EGI Software Vulnerability Group discussion list
svg-rat The Risk Assessment Team for the EGI Software Vulnerability Group
sw-rel-qc NSRW Quality Criteria Verification Notification
tcb-discuss Technology Coordination Board (TCB) discussions
technical-outreach Technical Outreach for New Communities
UCB-discuss User Community Board (UCB) discussions
umd-team UMD Provisioning the Software Infrastructure team
vt-funded-all all mini project members

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