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EGI-Engage D6.3 Production portal for EISCAT_3D

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EISCAT_3D is an environmental research infrastructure on the ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) roadmap. Once assembled, it will be a world-leading international research infrastructure to study the atmosphere in the Fenno-Scandinavian Arctic and to investigate how the Earth's atmosphere is coupled to space. Researchers will be able to interact with EISCAT_3D data through a user portal. This portal will provide a web-based user interface for search, retrieval and re-processing (visualisation, analysis) of EISCAT_3D data. This document describes the EISCAT_3D architecture, the envisaged data model and the role of the user portal. A timeline for implementing the EISCAT_3D portal is given, together with the description of the first portal implementation. This first implementation is currently under development within the DIRAC4EGI service and is planned to be made available to the EISCAT community by the end of May 2016. The portal will be further evolved by EGI-Engage towards a production portal in an iterative way, with review and feedback from the EISCAT_3D community. This report was produced by the EISCAT_3D Competence Centre of the EGI-Engage H2020 project with contributions from various external parties from the EISCAT collaboration.
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