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EGI-Engage D3.7 First release of the EGI Service Registry and Marketplace prototype

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This document details the work done to release the first demonstrator of the EGI Service Registry and Marketplace, a tool that has the ambition of becoming the platform where an ecosystem of EGI-related services can be promoted, discovered and shared. The implementation of such demonstrator allowed a further refinement of the assessment of available solutions and open-source tools, done during the first year of the project
Before starting with the design and the implementation of the demonstrator, an analysis has been done to identify the relationship between the EGI service catalogue, the related Integrated Management System (IMS) process and procedures and the marketplace. Such analysis also covered a first study of the marketplace interfaces towards the other EGI tools.
Two marketplace demonstrators based on two different technologies, Prestashop and Open IRIS, have been implemented to assess the capabilities of these two tools. Open IRIS is the most promising tool identified during the first phase of the assessment, instead, Prestashop is a free, open source e-commerce solution largely adopted in the commercial world
A data model, reflecting the EGI service catalogue structure, has been defined and implemented in the two marketplace prototypes. The outcome of the evaluation of these demonstrators showed that both technologies present different kind of limitations that prevent to fully satisfy all the EGI requirements. Then, EGI needs to evaluate the costs to customise such tools according to the EGI needs. In parallel, other solutions will be examined.
Finally, a first preliminary study to define proper procedures and requirements to onboard in the marketplace community specific tools and services enabled by EGI has been accomplished.
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