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VO SLA OpenRiskNet and VO OLA OpenRiskNet

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OpenRiskNet is operating an open e-Infrastructure providing resources and services for supporting different scientific communities requiring risk assessment, including chemicals, cosmetic ingredients, therapeutic agents and nanomaterials. More specifically, OpenRiskNet and NanoCommons provide concepts and guidelines for data management and sharing, specialized databases and software as well as a standardized cloud setup for the core infrastructure, and guidelines for the deployment of data and compute services on top of this core. In the context of the EGI-ACE project the OpenRiskNet risk assessment infrastructure will be further optimized to better integrate with other services of EGI-ACE, including AAI, HPC, Cloud and Jupyter for making the provided data sources more visible and interlinkable with data from other relevant communities. The resulting e-infrastructure will be offered to EOSC users interested to test their functionalities and their applicability to their own specific study requirements.

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