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MS620 - HUC Software Roadmap

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This document provides the third overview of the Roadmap for the development and deployment in the reference user communities of the software included in EGI-InSPIRE SA3. The Heavy User Communities (HUCs) who are part of the project are the primary target of the document, which is intended to give them information on the features available now and in the future, and offer the opportunity to interact with the planned developments so that they can best fit their needs.

However the document is open to other EGI-InSPIRE users and potential users, who may be interested in adopting parts of the software for their uses and in suggesting developments to this effect.

All the Heavy Users Communities included in the SA3 work-package have contributed to this report on the HUC Software Roadmap with information on the status and planning of their services and tools. New versions of this document are produced every 6 months, starting from MS602 [MS602] in Project Month 4. The communication between the different communities has started and is growing – this is a visible and concrete deliverable of the project where it is clear that the funding model and goals of the project are succeeding in motivating common tools and services, even if at the architectural but sometimes also at the implementation and deployment level; the planning for their software of potentially more general interest, has been exposed to the other communities of heavy users and to the general users communities.

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