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D5.1 UMD Roadmap

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The Unified Middleware Distribution (UMD) is the integrated set of software components that EGI makes available from technology providers within the EGI Community. These components are packaged to provide an integrated offering for deployment on the EGI production infrastructure. This first version of the UMD Roadmap focuses on the overall structure of the UMD Roadmap in order to solicit feedback from the EGI Community. It presents a framework for technology providers to identify which capabilities they wish to address, and for the user and operations communities in EGI to identify additional capabilities they may wish to see supported within the infrastructure. .The process by which this feedback will be integrated into future versions of the UMD Roadmap is described.
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D5.1-UMD Roadmap
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  • EGI-doc-118: Feedback on D5.1 UMD Roadmap

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