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D3.1 - User Community Support Process

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This document describes the user community support process within the EGI collaboration and how it is implemented and delivered by EGI stakeholders, particularly by the partners involved in the WP3 (NA3) work package (titled User Community Coordination) of the EGI-InSPIRE project. The document captures the various aspects of user support using a top-down approach. The document describes the characteristics of users who are expected to request support from EGI, the support mechanisms that are provided by EGI for these users and the technical services that facilitate user support activities. The document aims to serve as an important asset for potential users of the European Grid Infrastructure, who can understand the scope and level of support that they can expect from EGI. The document is also to be used as a handbook for NGIs who wish to provide support services for users and would like to join their national efforts with the complex landscape of EGI user support mechanisms.
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