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D2.13 EGI Sustainability Plan

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Sustainability is an essential consideration for e-Infrastructures and the Research Infrastructures and research communities that they support. Many of these Research Infrastructures and research communities frequently have research agendas measured in decades and need to be assured of the continued operational presence of the e-Infrastructures that they adopt to support their work, and the appropriate governance to evolve this operational presence in response to their changing needs. EGI’s strategy is to establish an open ICT ecosystem that can attract research communities from across the whole digital European Research Area. This report focuses on the motivations, approaches and paths to EGI’s sustainability through consideration of critical organisational, technological, financial and legal aspects, including an outline of the EGI business model framework and a risk assessment regarding the described sustainability plans. This document serves as an update to D2.7 Sustainability Plan and will continue to evolve during the project.
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