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e-ScienceTalk D3.5 Report on survey of iSGTW readers and annual metrics

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This report provides results and analysis for the 2012 iSGTW readership survey, in which 226 readers completed an online survey with comments. The respondents generally reported that content was pitched at a suitable level and that they were happy with the breadth of topics covered. The percentage of women who read our publication has increased significantly over the last year. The percentage of people who describe themselves as working in the media has also continued to increase from last year. However, we have had less success in terms of attracting younger readers. For the first time, we asked readers to tell us about the actions they have taken as a result of reading articles on our site. The results suggest that iSGTW may have significant wider impact. Finally, the results suggest that further steps are needed to promote the events/announcements section of our site more effectively.
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