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Recommendations to improve the Applications Database and Operations Portal services to better serve scientific communities

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In April 2012 opened an Application Expert secondment position for the NGIs. In May 2012 Jelena Tamuliené from the Lithuanian NGI has been selected for the position and she worked in the User Community Support Team between July-September. Jelena’s scientific background is in Computational Chemistry and one of her first tasks in the secondment position was to review the profiles of applications and tools that the NGIs offer in the EGI Applications Database (AppDB) for ‘Computational Chemistry and Material Sciences’ communities and to make suggestions on improving these application profiles, as well as the AppDB service itself for such communities.
The review of application and tool software entries of AppDB is covered in the first section of the document. The second section is a summary of the feedback that Jelena provided on the AppDB service itself, together with recommendations from the User Community Support Team on how to improve the AppDB and Operation Portal services in order to address the reported issues.
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