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SHIWA and ER-flow: Services, use cases, recommendations

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This short document provides a summary of the technologies that have been developed by the SHIWA project and are currently used within the ER-flow project to build and expand workflow communities in Europe. The document explains the relationship among the different services of the ‘SHIWA Simulation Platform’ and explain the core set of use cases that these services can support. The use cases include various types of actors ranging from principal investigators, to research fellows, trainers, scientific programmers and software operators. The document also provides a few recommendations concerning the further development of some of these SHIWA services in order that the SHIWA technology package used by ER-flow can better serve the project in reaching new communities. The document has three goals:
1. Provide text for the ER-flow WP2 activity that can be reused on the ER-flow project website, the SHIWA User Forum website, and in various other promotion materials (leaflets, white papers, etc.). To help ER-flow reach new user communities these forums should have easy to understand descriptions on the use cases and the technologies that ER-flow uses to support these.
2. Help the ER-flow consortium reach a common understanding about the capabilities of the SHIWA services. This is especially helpful for WP5 members, who need to identify those use cases that their community needs to implement in the ER-flow project.
3. Initiate a dialogue between the ER-flow project and the SHIWA community concerning the further development of some of the SHIWA services, so these could better support structured communities as well as simplify the monitoring of technology uptake for ER-flow.
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