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Adapting OpenAIRE Services to Federated Infrastructures: the EGI Use Case

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21 Nov 2012, 13:50
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The European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) supports the digital research
of more than 20,000 researchers in Europe and beyond to achieve
faster, better and more collaborative scientific results. The
e-Infrastructure provide easy access to high computing capacity and
data services pooled together from 350 publicly funded data centres
spanning 54 countries. The geographical distribution of the research
communities and the federated nature of the ICT resources represent a
challenge when it comes to tracking the research outputs. In an
attempt to improve the current situation, EGI has engaged with
OpenAIRE to deliver services for collecting and sharing these research
products and to make them openly accessible to citizens. The
innovative idea with respect to the current general OpenAIRE services
is to integrate and adapt these services so to link research products
to the lifecycle of an infrastructure and of the related virtual
collaborations. By combining this service with the appropriate
policies, both federated infrastructures and distributed research
groups are better able to demonstrate their scientific impact over
time and to make their results more easily accessible to citizens and
the European Research Area.

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