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DCH-RP D3.1 - Study on a Roadmap for Preservation

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Improving digital preservation practices in cultural heritage institutions is an onerous and complex task. Unlike digitisation, where common approaches and best practices are well developed, digital preservation is still an area where workflows and easily applicable universal toolkits are not on offer. Current solutions always require adaptation to the specific mandate of the institution, its technological infrastructure and the competences of its staff.
The need to address this situation and to offer more support to cultural heritage institutions was identified in the former INDICATE project and an initial survey of existing digital preservation tools and services was commissioned by the DC-Net project. DCH-RP seeks to offer a coherent and realistic roadmap which would help policy makers and programme owners to plan ahead, and will at the same time assist managerial teams of cultural heritage institutions to take decisions related to digital preservation.
This deliverable presents a snapshot made at the beginning of this endeavour. It looks at current offers of services in the environments suited for use by eInfrastructures, focusing on grid and cloud services, and suggests areas which need to be explored further in order to achieve a vision for short-, medium and long-term roadmap.
The roadmap is integrating components of an action plan which will guide further work on DCH-RP and beyond, and is already linked to sustainability of the project outcomes
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