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Ecological Niche Modelling

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This work describes the collaboration between EU-BrazilOpenBio and BioVeL projects in order to provide biodiversity community with a computational cloud infrastructure able to efficiently process Ecological Niche Modelling (ENM) workflows characterized by intensive computing requirements. The cloud-enabled ENM Service developed in EU-BrazilOpenBio, allows the execution of ENM workflows through the EU-BrazilOpenBio Gateway and through the Workflow Management System available in the BioVel project. A new application, developed as part of EU-BrazilOpenBio, allows scientists to carry out complex experiments leveraging the openModeller environment and generating models for a large number of species, using complex modelling strategies and involving several algorithms and high-resolution environmental data. The application exploits the interoperability features of the VENUS-C COMPSs middleware aggregating computational resources available to the projects through the EGI Cloud Federation.
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