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MS207 Review of the website

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Erika Swiderski
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21 Sep 2010, 13:55
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24 Nov 2010, 13:53
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31 May 2011, 16:58
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This review aims to report the progress of the EGI website’s design, structure and content during
EGI-InSPIRE first quarter (May to August 2010).
This document will describe how the website’s design has been updated with a new skin to
accommodate the colours and style of EGI’s new corporate branding. It will also report that
although the root structure of the website has remained stable, significant changes are planned for
the second quarter. The review details recent improvements on the website’s content and the
areas where future work will focus. Finally, the document presents an overview of the website’s
metric during the first quarter.
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