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Towards a Big Data Strategy for EISCAT-3D

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The design of the next generation incoherent scatter radar system, EISCAT_3D, opens up opportunities for physicists to explore many new research fields. On the other hand, it also introduces significant challenges in handling large-scale experimental data which will be massively generated at great speeds and volumes. This chellenge is typically referred to as a big data problem and requires solutions from beyond the capabilities of conventional database technologies.

To identify existing services and new services that can tackle the EISCAT_3D big data chellenge, a collaboration has been formed in February 2013 among EISCAT_3D, EGI and the EUDAT infrastructures under the ENVRI project. This document is a working draft of this collaboration. It outlines the scope and areas of work within the partnership with the ultimate goal to take the first steps towards the EISCAT_3D big data strategy.

The document is a working draft, updated on a regular basis by members of the collaboration. If you wish to join this collaboration and/or suggest updates to the document, then please email Malgorzata Krakowian <>. Further information about the collaboration is at

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