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EGI Federated Cloud Security - Questionnaire for sites deploying cloud technology

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This is the EGI Federated Cloud Security questionnaire for Cloud Resource Providers (CRPs), which must be answered by Resource Providers offering 'Infrastructure As A Service" clouds based on the execution of Virtual Machine images. It is intended to provide the minimum information which CSIRT requires to consider whether to recommend Site Certification from a security point of view in order to be part of the EGI infrastructure, in particular the EGI Federated Cloud. Service providers may fill in the editable PDF entitled "EGI Federated Cloud Security - Questionnaire for sites deploying cloud technology.pdf" which is available here or fill in the survey at

Resource Providers who fill in the editable pdf should send the filled in document to irtf *at*

Note that the document entitled EGIFederatedCloudSecurity-CRP-V1.0.docx or EGIFederatedCloudSecurity-CRP-V1.0.pdf is now for further information.

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