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e-ScienceTalk: Measuring the Impact of Online Outreach for e-Infrastructures

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Over the last decade, the European Commission and governments have invested substantial funds in distributed computing infrastructures. e-ScienceTalk disseminates the success stories and impact of these e-infrastructures. Stories come from the flagship pan-European projects but also fr om a host of smaller and emerging projects. For e-ScienceTalk’s first year, outputs and outcomes were
recorded through a range of methods, including tracking output metrics and by monitoring online traffic. This information collectively provided evidence of the project’s wide global reach. Generally, most of e-ScienceTalk’s target metrics for the first 12 months have been met or exceeded. For the future, metrics will be added to measure impact and track website usage in a more representative way. Evaluation will continue to be important for developing a sustainability strategy for e-ScienceTalk products, as will working with other projects through collaboration agreements to maximise impact.
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