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EGI-Engage M6.3 Life science requirements analysis and driver use case(s) with implementation roadmap

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The ELIXIR Competence Centre (CC) of the EGI-Engage project facilitates collaboration between EGI and ELIXIR service developers and service providers. During its 18 month lifetime the CC collects, analyses and compares life science community requirements with EGI technical offerings, then designs and implements pilot e-infrastructure setups for the ELIXIR community based on EGI services. The whole process needs to be driven by scientific use cases that are selected from the ELIXIR and its partner communities by the CC. This document is the first milestone of the CC: the description of the scientific use cases that will drive CC activities, an initial analysis of the requirements derived from these science cases; and a technical roadmap to implement these science cases with the use of EGI services. The document also provides a roadmap for the integration of core EGI services into the ELIXIR Compute Platform, which is expected to underpin not only use cases from this report, but future use cases of the ELIXIR community.
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