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EGI-Engage M6.5 Joint training program for the second period

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The EGI-Engage project provides foundational training services and coordination to training activities across the whole EGI collaboration. The main goal of this activity is to operate a framework that enables members of EGI community as well as external partners to effectively create, deliver, share, reuse and benefit from training services in the context of e-infrastructures and e-science. The ‘SA2.1 Training’ activity provides core training services and facilitation of training activities conducted by Competence Centres, NGIs, partner projects and partner infrastructures (including e-infrastructure and Research Infrastructures).
This milestone documents the training plan that is agreed with the broad EGI community and its partners for the second period of the EGI-Engage project (June 2016-August 2017). The document is a formal milestone towards the European Commission.
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