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EGI Federated Cloud - Overview and hands-on exercises

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This presentation was prepared as a baseline slideset for EGI Federated Cloud presentations and tutorials. The slides include hands-on exercises about the command line usage of the OCCI interface of the Federated Cloud.

Content outline (with length if presented):
- Introduction to EGI, & EGI Federated Cloud (20)
- Introduction to training infrastructure (10)
- Exercise 1&2 (45)
* Compute management Setup a Wiki server
* Persistent storage Add block storage to the Wiki
- Introduction to contextualisation (15)
- Exercise 3: Contextualised compute service Fractal application (20)
- Introduction to Docker (10)
- Exercise 4: Running a Docker container in the EGI Cloud (20)
- How to create your own Virtual Machine Image (10)
- Next steps to become an active user (10)

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