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EGI-Engage D6.21 Second version of enhanced portal for EISCAT_3D

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This report was produced by the EISCAT_3D Competence Centre of the EGI-Engage H2020 project. EISCAT_3D is an environmental research infrastructure project on the ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures) roadmap. Once assembled, it will be a world-leading international research infrastructure to study the atmosphere in the Fenno-Scandinavian Arctic and to investigate how the Earth's atmosphere is coupled to space. Researchers will be able to interact with EISCAT_3D data through a user portal. This portal should provide a web-based user interface for searching, retrieval and re-processing (visualisation, analysis) of EISCAT_3D data. This document describes the envisaged role of the user portal and its relation to the suggested EISCAT_3D data model, based on experience of DIRAC-based prototype implementation. This implementation is running in the framework of DIRAC4EGI and has been developed, tested and debugged by the EGI-Engage EISCAT_3D Competence Centre, with assistance from the broader EISCAT user community. Important issues that still need to be clarified during future portal developments have been identified.
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