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EGI-Engage D6.22 Design larger scale multi-hazards simulation attempting to reduce the uncertainty of climate change assessment

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Leveraging fast-growing observation data and computing technologies, scientists today are able to uncover patterns in historical data and merge those with current observations to predict what might happen in the future by numerical simulations. Aiming on deeper understanding of natural hazards, the Disaster Mitigation Competence Centre of the EGI-Engage project built up a human network and online tools to simulate the whole life cycle of hazardous events. The collaboration verified the setup by historical cases – both single hazard and multi-hazard events (typhoon–storm surge and earthquake–tsunami) – using the Asia-Pacific regional e-Infrastructure of EGI. This report details the work performed and proposes future work to sustain and expand the disaster mitigation capacity in Asia through a regional, open collaboration.
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