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Hosting CLARIN services in the EGI cloud

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These are the slides of the 'bazaar' contribution to the CLARIN Conference 2017 event.

Bazaar abstract:
EGI is an e-Infrastructure collaboration that provides advanced computing and data services for research and innovation. The collaboration operates a federated, publicly-funded e-infrastructure that currently comprises more than 300 resource centers from Europe and beyond. Over the last decade this infrastructure was the enabler of Open Science conducted by over 50,000 researchers through the whole spectrum of science from High-Energy Physics, to Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Chemistry, Astrophysics, and Humanities.

In 2015 the CLARIN ERIC approached EGI to find a cloud site where the centrally manage CLARIN services can be hosted. The CESNET cloud provider (Czech Republic) was found as the ideal candidate and the following services were setup there:
- CLARIN component registry (, the backbone of the Component-based MetaData Infrastructure.
- The CLARIN docker registry (, which plays an important role in the CLARIN deployment workflow.
- The CLARIN maven repository (, intensively used during CLARIN software development projects.
- A grafana instance (, to visualize server status and metrics.
- Document archive for the CLARIN ERIC central office.

CLARIN is planning to expand its cloud resource use by moving additional services to CESNET – such as its SVN and Trac servers. EGI HTC and cloud resources are open for the whole CLARIN community.

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