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EOSC-hub D10.5 Requirements and gap analysis report v1

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One of the main goals of the Technical Coordination Work Package (WP10) in the EOSC-hub project is to play a supportive role to the participants (e.g. Thematic Services, Competence Centres and Business pilots) and external user communities (not directly involved in the project but engaged through other channels, e.g. the EOSC Portal) in the integration of their services into the Hub. In order to better structure and consolidate this support, WP10 has defined and is currently operating procedures to elicit, assess and track the technical requirements of such communities and, consequently, provide adequate assistance to the user communities to adopt the service of the Hub. The procedures described in this document cover also the cases when gaps (e.g. lacking one or more features) have been identified in the EOSC-hub service offer and, eventually, triggering other project activities that will take care of extending the offer accordingly. From a technical standpoint, the technical support activity is operating since the first months of the project. This allowed to extract metrics, suitable to depict the advancement achieved by each use case in the EOSC-hub integration path. These metrics are reported in this document (Section 6). Finally, details are provided about the outcome of the technical support activities for three exemplars use cases: DODAS and OPENCoastS thematic services and the ELIXIR competence centre.

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