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3400-v1 EOSC Marketplace Privacy Policy Nicolas Liampotis Security
23 Nov 2018 FINAL
3379-v1 EOSC-hub D1.5 Data Management Plan Malgorzata Krakowian EOSC-hub
WP1 Project Management and Coordination
01 Nov 2018 FINAL
3378-v2 EOSC: Austria takes initiative, Vienna, 30 October 2018 Tiziana Ferrari EOSC-hub
30 Oct 2018 DRAFT
3373-v1 Updates about the European Open Science Cloud from the EOSC-hub project Gergely Sipos WP3 Innovation Management, Communication
User Engagement and Support
16 Oct 2018 DRAFT
3371-v1 Sensitive data services in EOSC-hub Abdulrahman Azab et al. NIL
User Engagement and Support
WP3 Innovation Management, Communication
15 Oct 2018 DRAFT
3365-v2 EOSC-hub Status Update Tiziana Ferrari et al. WP1 Project Management and Coordination
08 Oct 2018 DRAFT
3301-v3 D3.1 EOSC-hub Communitcaions and Stakeholder Engagement Plan Tiziana Ferrari WP3 Innovation Management, Communication
08 Oct 2018 FINAL
3362-v1 Materials of 'EGI Notebooks' tutorial of DI4R 2018 Enol Fernandez del Castillo Trainings, Certifications & Audits
WP11 Training
04 Oct 2018 DRAFT
3359-v1 EGI Online Storage Vincenzo Spinoso Trainings, Certifications & Audits
WP11 Training
21 Sep 2018 DRAFT
3358-v1 EOSC-hub D3.2 Innovation management plan Roberta Piscitelli WP3 Innovation Management, Communication
21 Sep 2018 FINAL
3354-v2 EOSC-hub D2.1 First EOSC-hub Strategy Plan Tiina Maria Kupila-Rantala WP2 Strategy and Business Development
13 Sep 2018 FINAL
3353-v1 EGI Cloud Container Compute Training Material Enol Fernandez del Castillo WP11 Training
Trainings, Certifications & Audits
13 Sep 2018 FINAL
3345-v1 EOSC-hub D9.2 Joint Digital Innovation Hub Intro and Strategy Sy Holsinger WP9 Joint Digital Innovation Hub
30 Jul 2018 FINAL
3344-v2 EOSC-hub D5.1 Initial maintenance and integration plan for federation and collaboration services Pavel Weber WP5 Federation and Collaboration service
27 Jul 2018 FINAL
3342-v1 EOSC-hub D4.1 Operational requirements for the services in the catalogue Matthew Viljoen EOSC-hub
WP4 Federated Service Management
23 Jul 2018 FINAL
3296-v4 Feedback form and reports for EOSC-hub training organisers Giuseppe La Rocca Trainings, Certifications & Audits
WP11 Training
12 Jun 2018 FINAL
3312-v1 QC_Verification-Executive_Summary-cloud-info-provider.centos7.x86_64-0.9.1 Ruben Diez-Lazaro Software Provisioning
WP5 Federation and Collaboration service
05 Jun 2018 FINAL
3311-v1 QC_Verification-Executive_Summary of cloudkeeper.centos7.x86_64-1.6.0 and cloudkeeper-one.centos7.x86_64-1.3.0 Ruben Diez-Lazaro WP5 Federation and Collaboration service
Software Provisioning
01 Jun 2018 FINAL
3297-v1 Recording of Webinar - EOSC-hub-OpenAIRE-Advance webinar-meetup for national stakeholders Gergely Sipos Trainings, Certifications & Audits
WP3 Innovation Management, Communication
User Engagement and Support
27 Apr 2018 FINAL
2968-v8 EGI-Engage D3.8 First data accounting prototype Diego Scardaci WP10 Technical Coordination
02 Mar 2018 FINAL
3277-v1 EOSC-hub Service Portfolio Tiziana Ferrari WP2 Strategy and Business Development
16 Feb 2018 FINAL

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