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EGI-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1121-v2 Project Policy Steven Newhouse EGI
04 May 2012
152-v6 EGI Council Terms of Reference Tiziana Ferrari Council
23 Mar 2021
4151-v1 EGI Federation Annual Report 2022 Sergio Andreozzi et al.
15 May 2024
151-v5 EGI Foundation Executive Board Terms of Reference Tiziana Ferrari Council
Executive Board
23 Mar 2021
3897-v1 Annual Report 2021 Unknown et al. Communications
18 Jul 2022
3760-v1 Annual Report 2020 Sergio Andreozzi et al. EGI
02 Jul 2021
87-v18 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Template Sergio Andreozzi et al.
15 Mar 2021
2629-v1 MoU between Compute Canada and Tiziana Ferrari EGI-Engage
User Engagement and Support
Strategy and Policy
22 Feb 2021
2887-v5 MoU between Terradue and the EGI Foundation Tiziana Ferrari Strategy and Policy
30 Nov 2020
1870-v3 MoU between and OSG Tiziana Ferrari EGI
12 Oct 2020
3656-v1 Joint position paper on the EOSC - A tool for enabling Open Science in Europe Unknown et al. Council
Executive Board
22 Sep 2020
3301-v7 EOSC-hub D3.1 Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Plan Tiziana Ferrari WP3 Innovation Management, Communication
09 Mar 2020
3559-v2 EOSC-hub PY1 Review Response Tiziana Ferrari EOSC-hub
17 Jan 2020
3486-v1 OBSOLETE - EOSC-hub Briefing Paper - EOSC Federating Core Governance and Sustainability Magchiel Bijsterbosch et al. WP2 Strategy and Business Development
31 Jul 2019
3443-v1 Common Vision, Service Provision, and Role in the EOSC Governance Tiziana Ferrari WP2 Strategy and Business Development
03 Apr 2019
3378-v2 EOSC: Austria takes initiative, Vienna, 30 October 2018 Tiziana Ferrari EOSC-hub
30 Oct 2018
3365-v2 EOSC-hub Status Update Tiziana Ferrari et al. WP1 Project Management and Coordination
08 Oct 2018
2779-v2 MoU between PRACE-4IP and EGI-Engage Tiziana Ferrari EGI-Engage
13 Jul 2018
3277-v1 EOSC-hub Service Portfolio Tiziana Ferrari WP2 Strategy and Business Development
16 Feb 2018
3219-v1 EGI-Engage Impact Report Tiziana Ferrari EGI
05 Oct 2017
3163-v1 EOSCpilot input to EOSC Summit Tiziana Ferrari SPG
06 Jul 2017
2184-v1 EGI: Presentations Tiziana Ferrari EGI
24 May 2017
3101-v1 EGI introduction for members of Austrian research collaborations Tiziana Ferrari Council
19 Apr 2017
2484-v1 EGI Strategy and Policy Tiziana Ferrari Communications
25 Nov 2016
2122-v1 The EGI Cloud Federation: Presentations Tiziana Ferrari EGI
22 Nov 2016
2450-v1 EGI for the ERA: Presentations Tiziana Ferrari User Engagement and Support
20 Oct 2016
2865-v2 EGI-Engage Project Letter - July 2016 Tiziana Ferrari Communications
22 Jul 2016
2812-v1 EGI Input to H2020 WP2018-2020 Consultation Tiziana Ferrari Strategy and Policy
13 May 2016
2787-v1 HBP –Report on the Data Hosting Pilot with the EGI Open Data Platform Tiziana Ferrari EGI-Engage
30 Mar 2016
119-v13 Security Coordination Group (SCG) - Terms of Reference Tiziana Ferrari SCG
29 Mar 2016
2539-v3 EGI-Engage M1.1 EGI-Engage Execution Plan Tiziana Ferrari et al. EGI-Engage-AMB
10 Feb 2016
725-v3 VO and Resource Provider SLA Template Unknown et al. EGI-InSPIRE
08 Feb 2016
2722-v1 EGI for big data experimentation Tiziana Ferrari Communications
05 Jan 2016
2637-v1 Open Science Cloud for Research Tiziana Ferrari Strategy and Policy
28 Nov 2015
2588-v1 PCAWG Pancancer Analysis of Whole Genomes - Request of collaboration Tiziana Ferrari Council
Executive Board
User Engagement and Support
05 Nov 2015
2597-v1 Advancing data-driven research through the Data Commons - P6 RDA BOF session (SLIDES) Tiziana Ferrari EGI
Strategy and Policy
14 Oct 2015
2613-v1 Shaping the Open Science Cloud of the future Tiziana Ferrari EGI
08 Oct 2015
2417-v17 EGI Strategy - 2015-2020 Sergio Andreozzi et al. Council
10 Sep 2015
2575-v5 An Open Science Cloud to Realize the Data Commons Tiziana Ferrari EGI-Engage
Strategy and Policy
24 Aug 2015
2468-v1 Active Repository Use Cases - Human Brain Project Tiziana Ferrari User Engagement and Support
30 Jul 2015
2559-v1 Feedback for M4.1 Open Data Platform: Requirements and Implementation Plans Tiziana Ferrari EGI
27 Jul 2015
2554-v1 Addressing the big data challenges through a federated Research Data Cloud Tiziana Ferrari Strategy and Policy
21 Jul 2015
215-v8 Resource Infrastructure Provider MoU Template Unknown et al.
12 Jun 2015
513-v13 MS111 Quarterly Report Template Tiziana Ferrari EGI-InSPIRE
05 Jun 2015
2185-v1 EGI Technology and Operations: Presentations Tiziana Ferrari EGI
28 May 2015
2475-v1 EGI-Engage Letters Tiziana Ferrari EGI-Engage
05 May 2015
2425-v3 EGi-InSPIRE Final Report Tiziana Ferrari EGI
16 Feb 2015
2416-v1 EGI-Engage overview and abstract Tiziana Ferrari EGI-Engage
05 Feb 2015
2406-v4 EGI-InSPIRE Periodic Report PY5 Tiziana Ferrari EGI-InSPIRE
05 Feb 2015
2353-v1 EGI policy and strategy: presentations Sergio Andreozzi et al. EGI
13 Nov 2014
2137-v11 An introduction to the European Grid Infrastructure Unknown et al. None
26 Jun 2014
2187-v5 EGI-Engage: Call for Participation for Competence Centres Tiziana Ferrari EGI
25 Jun 2014
2251-v3 D1.15 Annual report on quality status Tiziana Ferrari EGI-InSPIRE
19 Jun 2014
2183-v3 PM43 MS128 Quarterly Report Tiziana Ferrari EGI-InSPIRE
12 Jun 2014
2200-v4 H2020 NGI Profiles Tiziana Ferrari EGI
06 Jun 2014
2182-v1 Feedback forms for MS132 Work of the Asia Pacific Region Tiziana Ferrari EGI-InSPIRE
15 Apr 2014
2176-v1 EGI Federated Cloud Resources Tiziana Ferrari EGI
09 Apr 2014
2130-v1 EGI Compute and Data Services for Open Access in H2020 Unknown et al. None
25 Feb 2014
1471-v8 D4.7 Sustainability Assessment of Operational Services Tiziana Ferrari Operations
24 Feb 2014
2038-v10 EGI Position Paper for Data Services Unknown et al. EGI
13 Dec 2013
2051-v3 e-Infrastructure Integration Proposal Tiziana Ferrari EGI
04 Dec 2013
1967-v8 D4.9 - Federated Operations Solution Unknown et al. EGI-InSPIRE
25 Oct 2013
1969-v3 Feedback D4.9 EGI Federated Operations Tiziana Ferrari EGI-InSPIRE
15 Oct 2013
1943-v1 EGI Resource Pool. Call for resources CALL1.2013.QR3 Tiziana Ferrari EGI
12 Sep 2013
1908-v1 NGI QR13 reports Tiziana Ferrari EGI-InSPIRE
21 Aug 2013
1732-v1 Feedback MS425 Unknown et al. None
29 May 2013
1714-v3 Feedback on D4.8 Tiziana Ferrari Operations
07 May 2013
1654-v2 Position on Research Data Infrastructures: Framework for Action Unknown et al.
27 Mar 2013
1641-v1 Status and future of the European Grid Infrastructure after 10 years of production activities (2004-2013) Tiziana Ferrari Operations
22 Mar 2013
1497-v1 Overview of EGI Operations Tiziana Ferrari Operations
13 Dec 2012
1309-v8 D4.6 EGI Operations Architecture: Infrastructure Platform and Collaboration Platform Integration Unknown et al. EGI-InSPIRE
02 Nov 2012
1186-v1 EGI Services for Integrated Usage Tiziana Ferrari Operations
12 Jun 2012
1059-v9 D4.5 Annual Report on the EGI Production Infrastructure Tiziana Ferrari Operations
04 Jun 2012
1090-v1 GGUS incident 80799: post mortem analysis Unknown et al. Operations
03 Apr 2012
763-v8 D4.3 EGI Operations Architecture: Grid Service Management Best Practices Tiziana Ferrari OMB
02 Dec 2011
704-v14 MS413 Deployment Plan for the Distribution of Operational Tools to the NGIs/EIROs Unknown et al. Operations
27 Sep 2011
765-v1 On the EGI Operational Level Agreement Framework Tiziana Ferrari OMB
02 Sep 2011
707-v1 SA1 and JRA1 Operations and Operational Tools Tiziana Ferrari EGI-InSPIRE
28 Jul 2011
706-v1 EGI Operations and the Integration of ARC resources Tiziana Ferrari Operations
28 Jul 2011
413-v8 D4.2 Annual Report on the EGI Production Infrastructure Tiziana Ferrari OMB
16 May 2011
344-v1 EGI-InSPIRE SA1 2011 roadmap Tiziana Ferrari Operations
08 Feb 2011
218-v9 D4.1 Operations Architecture Tiziana Ferrari EGI-InSPIRE
01 Feb 2011
111-v21 MS 407 Integrating Resources into the EGI Production Infrastructure Unknown et al. Operations
01 Feb 2011
123-v12 Operations Automation Team (OAT) – Terms of Reference Tiziana Ferrari None
10 Jan 2011
293-v1 Operations of the EGI e-Infrastructure Tiziana Ferrari EGI
21 Dec 2010
292-v1 EGI Operations Tiziana Ferrari EGI-InSPIRE
21 Dec 2010
65-v6 MS404 Operational Level Agreements (OLAs) within the EGI production infrastructure Tiziana Ferrari et al. EGI-InSPIRE
09 Nov 2010

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