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Common Vision, Service Provision, and Role in the EOSC Governance

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EOSC-hub and OpenAIRE-Advance White Paper
(Joint Activity Milestone 3.3)

This paper outlines a common vision for EOSC, service provision, and role in EOSC governance, as
defined in the Joint Activity Plan of the two EC projects EOSC-Hub and OpenAIRE-Advance (April 2018). In
the meantime, the EOSC landscape has evolved, notably with the establishment of the EOSC Governance
and the enactment of the EOSC Implementation Roadmap (Commission Staff Working Document, March
2018). Authoritative structures are now in place and, accordingly, the primary addressee of this paper is
now the EOSC Governance Board through the working instruments of the European Commission. Policy
decisions, in particular, are now firmly in the hands of the EOSC Governance and not in the remit of the
two projects. As a consequence, this paper takes the form of a concise position paper (and not a fullyfledged white paper) identifying the necessary alignment processes between the EOSC Governance and the two projects EOSC-Hub and OpenAIRE-Advance. Possible contributions of the two projects are temporarily confined by the project runtime (end of 2020) but affect, to varying degrees, the projects’ constituent ongoing stakeholders in the EGI Federation, EUDAT CDI, INDIGO-DataCloud, and OpenAIRE, as well as the constituent communities of computing centres and libraries or the global academic infrastructure system.

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