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An Open Science Cloud to Realize the Data Commons

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Nowadays, research practice is increasingly and in many cases exclusively data driven. Knowledge of how to use tools to manipulate research data, and the availability of e-infrastructures to support them, are foundational. Along with this, new types of communities are forming around interests in digital tools, computing facilities and data repositories. By making infrastructure services, community engagement and training inseparable, existing communities can be empowered by new ways of doing research, and new communities can be created around tools and data.
Europe is ideally positioned to become a world leader as provider of research data for the benefits of research communities and the wider economy and society. This document presents a vision for establishing the Data Commons through an Open Science Cloud, one of the pillars of the Open Science Commons, as a network of service hubs.
The document analyses the current status and blockers for implementing an Open Science Cloud and discusses how such a cloud could strategically advance its competitiveness by providing research Data and community-specific tools as services through a platform that supports the participatory principle of Open Science.
We call these the “Data Commons”, i.e. the possibility to share data, the processing services and the applications, virtual laboratories and tools, relying on existing federated data and storage facilities. By realizing the Data Commons, data, computing needed process it, and the tools are offered as a single research system.
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