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2131-v8 Strategy and Innovation Board (SIB) - Terms of Reference Sergio Andreozzi EGI
Executive Board
11 Jan 2021
3656-v1 Joint position paper on the EOSC - A tool for enabling Open Science in Europe Owen Appleton et al. Executive Board
22 Sep 2020
1715-v26 Lump Sum Reimbursement Form for non EGI Foundation staff celine bitoune Internal
Executive Board
Finished Projects
19 Feb 2019
2630-v7 EGI Policy Brief on Service Portfolio - EGI Council April 2016 Roberta Piscitelli Executive Board
Strategy and Policy
23 Oct 2018
151-v4 Executive Board Terms of Reference Yannick Legre Executive Board
14 Nov 2016
2588-v1 PCAWG Pancancer Analysis of Whole Genomes - Request of collaboration Tiziana Ferrari Executive Board
User Engagement and Support
05 Nov 2015
1618-v4 UMD Release Team (URT) – Terms Of Reference Michel Drescher et al. TCB
Executive Board
20 Aug 2013
317-v6 EGI Role towards Europe 2020 Damir Marinovic et al. Executive Board
11 Feb 2011

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