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Open Science Cloud for Research

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As part of the Digital Single Market strategy, 1 the Open Science Cloud will raise research to the next level. It promotes not only scientific excellence and data reuse but also job growth and increased competitiveness in Europe, and drives Europe-wide cost efficiencies in scientific infrastructure through the promotion of interoperability on an unprecedented scale. The Open Science Cloud offers researchers from all disciplines seamless, open access to the advanced digital capabilities, resources and expertise they need to collaborate and to carry out data- and computing-intensive science. Secure and trustworthy, the Open Science Cloud engages researchers in governing, managing and preserving resources for everyone’s benefit. The Open Science Cloud is an open, service-driven endeavour, inclusive of all stakeholders. Governed as a commons, it leverages two decades of public and private investment in e-infrastructures for the benefit of scientific research and innovation.

On this page you can find:
- The EGI/EUDAT/GEANT/LIBER/OpenAIRE position paper
- The EGI input on vision, mission and challenges of the Open Science Cloud (EC Consultation meeting, 30 Nov 2015)

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