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EGI-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated Status
3441-v2 EGI Powerpoint Template (2019) Iulia Popescu Communications
27 Mar 2019 FINAL
3458-v1 EGI Notebooks Enol Fernandez et al. Communications
User Engagement and Support
04 Jun 2019 FINAL
3457-v1 EOSC-hub webinar - Early Adopter Programme Gergely Sipos User Engagement and Support
29 May 2019 DRAFT
3454-v1 The Present and Future of Open Science in Europe - Keynote at MIPRO2019 Gergely Sipos User Engagement and Support
WP3 Innovation Management, Communication
23 May 2019 DRAFT
2905-v1 EGI logos Iulia Popescu Communications
12 Jun 2018 FINAL
3005-v1 e-Infrastructure technology training Giuseppe La Rocca EGI
13 Dec 2016 FINAL
2484-v1 EGI Strategy and Policy Tiziana Ferrari Communications
25 Nov 2016 FINAL
2865-v2 EGI-Engage Project Letter - July 2016 Tiziana Ferrari EGI-Engage
22 Jul 2016 FINAL
2489-v10 EGI-Engage D2.1 Communications, Dissemination and Engagement Strategy Sergio Andreozzi et al. Communications
User Engagement and Support
Strategy and Policy
07 Jun 2016 FINAL
2668-v7 EGI-Engage D2.8 Communications, Dissemination and Engagement Report and Updated Strategy Sergio Andreozzi et al. EGI-Engage-AMB
Strategy and Policy
User Engagement and Support
04 Mar 2016 FINAL
2722-v1 EGI for big data experimentation Tiziana Ferrari Communications
05 Jan 2016 FINAL
2516-v1 Reviews of EGI-Engage M2.1 Website and templates Malgorzata Krakowian Communications
11 Nov 2015 FINAL
2185-v1 EGI Technology and Operations: Presentations Tiziana Ferrari Communications
28 May 2015 FINAL

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