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The Present and Future of Open Science in Europe - Keynote at MIPRO2019

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These are the slides that were presented as a keynote talk at the MIPRO Conference in Opatija, Croatia in May 2019.

Presentation abstract:
EOSC-hub is a 33 million Euro H2020 project that started in January 2018 with the involvement of over 100 institutes. In three years the project establishes the first elements of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) – the infrastructure aimed to accelerate and support the current transition to more effective Open Science and Open Innovation in the Digital Single Market in Europe. This presentation introduces the EOSC-hub project and how it enables Open Science through EOSC. EOSC-hub defined, creates and operates the integration and management system of the EOSC. This integration and management system (the Hub) builds on mature processes, policies and tools from the leading European e-infrastructures to cover the whole life-cycle of services from planning to delivery. Through this management system online and ‘human’ services, software and data are delivered towards researchers via the EOSC Portal Marketplace. The Marketplace already includes nearly 60 services from 3 e-infrastructure communities (EGI, EUDAT, INDIGO-DataCloud), and from over 20 Research Infrastructures and scientific service providers. The catalogue of services is expected to radically grow in the next years. The Hub acts as a single contact point for researchers and innovators to discover, access, use and reuse a broad spectrum of services starting from baseline infrastructure services (such as HTC clusters, IaaS clouds, storage, security) to domain specific applications, datasets and portals.

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