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RISCAPE D10.2 - Landscape analysis report in the e-infrastructure sector

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11 Oct 2019, 11:55
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This RISCAPE deliverable is the landscape analysis about e-infrastructures worldwide. Digital infrastructures, commonly known as e-infrastructures or cyberinfrastructures, address the needs of researchers and innovators for transnational communication networks, high performance and high throughput computing, multidisciplinary data management and collaborative scientific software. E-infrastructures empower researchers with easy and secure online access to facilities and resources and enable them to deliver reusable and reproducible research and innovation outputs. The document reviews the global e-infrastructure landscape in four areas: Networks; High Throughput Computing (HPC); Grids & clouds; Data. A global picture of infrastructures and infrastructure-development projects is provided for each area.
This version was integrated into the overall Research Infrastructure landscape prepared by RISCAPE. The landscape was published in December 2019 at

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