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EGI-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4003-v1 EGI Brand Guide Magdalena Brus et al. Communications
30 Aug 2023
3921-v1 interTwin D2.1 Communication, Dissemination and Engagement Plan Gwen Franck interTwin
WP2 Innovation Management and Communicat
28 Feb 2023
3965-v1 ICRI2022: Landscape of policies, funding and interoperability framework for international science (EOSC) Gwen Franck
02 Nov 2022
3964-v1 ICRI2022: Portable workflows on interoperable infrastructures for astrophysics Gwen Franck
02 Nov 2022
3963-v1 ICRI2022: EGI Foundation: The landscape of digital infrastructures for global research Gwen Franck
02 Nov 2022
3962-v1 ICRI2022: ELIXIR Cloud and Compute and the GA4GH Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (Life Sciences) Gwen Franck
02 Nov 2022
3961-v1 ICRI2022: EISCAT Association CEO: EISCAT_3D (Atmospheric sciences) Gwen Franck
02 Nov 2022
3960-v1 ICRI2022: SKA-France: Square Kilometre Array (Astroparticle physics) Gwen Franck
02 Nov 2022
3823-v2 2021_EMSO-ERIC Use Case Gwen Franck et al. EGI-ACE
27 Sep 2021
3760-v1 Annual Report 2020 Sergio Andreozzi et al. EGI
02 Jul 2021

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