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MoU between PRACE-4IP and EGI-Engage

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22 Mar 2016, 18:52
The present MoU aims at:
- Identifying and coordinating common actions toward increased interoperability, integration and cross-infrastructure adoption of digital capabilities for data-driven science, varying by nature and organisation, which are required to accelerate research and innovation;
- Analysing the options and advantages of an integrated e-Infrastructure services catalogue for research communities;
- Defining common actions to increase the security of collaborating e-Infrastructures in Europe and beyond, thanks to the participation to joint boards and events;
- Providing a joint training programme, notably on security aspects;
- Working towards common approaches for increased efficiency of operations of systems and federations of services;
- Collaborating to enhance services for an increasingly solid European e-infrastructure supporting the European Research Area.
- Developing a communication plan to raise users’ and stakeholders’ awareness on the topics covered by this MoU.
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