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Active Repository Use Cases - Human Brain Project

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The aim of the Human Brain Project (HBP) is to accelerate our understanding of the human brain by integrating global neuroscience knowledge and data into supercomputer-based models and simulations. This will be achieved, in part, by engaging the European and global research communities using six collaborative ICT platforms: Neuroinformatics, Brain Simulation, High Performance Computing, Medical Informatics, High Performance Computing, Neuromorphic Computing and Neurorobotics.

In the United States, the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative aims to accelerate the development of new technologies to create large-scale measurements of the structure and function of the brain. The aim is to enable researchers to acquire, analyze and disseminate massive amounts of data about the dynamics nature of the brain from cells to circuits and the whole brain.

For the HBP Neuroinformatics Platform, a key capability is to deliver multi-level brain atlases that enable the analysis and integration of many different types of data into common semantic and spatial coordinate frameworks. Because the data to be integrated is large and widely distributed an infrastructure that enables “in place” visualization and analysis with data services co-located with data storage is requisite. Providing a standard set of services for such large data sets will enhance data sharing and collaboration in neuroscience initiatives around the world.

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