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EOSC Hub D10.3 Technical Architecture and standards roadmap v1

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This deliverable describes the Service Architecture of the EOSC-Hub, detailing the different service types, and defining their functions and their relationships with other components of the architecture and end users. Services in the Hub have been categorised in Access Enabling services and Research Enabling services. Access Enabling services includes Federation services (authentication and authorisation, monitoring, accounting, etc.) and Open Collaborative services (open science platforms for discovering and sharing research digital objects). Research Enabling services includes Common services (e.g. EGI Cloud Compute or EUDAT B2SAFE), and Thematic services (e.g. scientific applications offered by the Research Infrastructures). This ecosystem of services offered by the Hub enables a simple end-to-end composition of the services, leveraging on the adopted open interfaces and standards, allowing the easy and fast development of scientific services.

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