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D7.1 Annual Report on Operational Tool maintenance and development activity

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The Joint Research Activity1 (JRA1 or Work Package7) is responsible for developing and maintaining operational tools for the EGI-InSPIRE project. The list of tools includes: the topology and static information database (GOCDB), the Operation Portal providing a single access point to operational information gathered from various sources, the EGI Helpdesk based on the GGUS central system interfaced with regional helpdesks, the SAM monitoring framework that detects failures at sites and services, the Accounting Repository that stores accounting data, its web interface (the Accounting Portal) and the Metrics Portal which allows the insertion, storage and display of the project’s performance metrics. Additional goals of the activity are supporting the configuration of the production message broker network and the extension of the accounting system to encompass the new resource and middleware types that will be included in the production infrastructure. The evolution of the accounting towards an economic and billing system will be taken into account by the activity as a fundamental step to reach the EGI’s self-sustainability. The work performed to maintain and evolve the tools and to accomplish activity tasks during the first year of the project is described in this report. The activity’s major achievements and issues faced during the last year are identified and discussed.
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