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iMagine D4.1 Best practices and guideline for developers and providers of AI-based image analytics services

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14 Aug 2023, 11:22
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iMagine is a 36-month long project to serve aquatic researchers with a portfolio of ‘free at point of use’ image datasets, high-performance image analysis tools empowered with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The iMagine services will build on a AI Platform that will be established by Q1 2023, and will allow transparent training, sharing, and serving of Machine learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) applications. This document provides good practice usage guides and pointers to documentation relating to the baseline technology of the iMagine AI platform, the DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud services that have been developed and been used in various EC initiatives in the past years. A more mature version of this document will be issued towards the end of the project.

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