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e-ScienceTalk D3.4 Report on survey of iSGTW readers

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This report provides results and analysis for the July 2011 iSGTW readership survey, in which 137 readers, 1.7% of our readership, filled in a multiple choice survey and provided comments. This number was lower than expected, however the results for key questions were similar to previous surveys, indicating we got a similar cross-section of the readership. The respondents were generally positive about the new look and layout, though less knowledgeable and more critical of the interactive features and user-generated content. This survey shows that some previous campaigns have been very successful – such as attracting media. However, it also shows that some were unsuccessful, such as attracting younger people and students. As a result of this survey, we are going to actively promote the site to younger people and students, as well as the functions of posting jobs, events and announcements.
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