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e-ScienceTalk D3.4 Report on survey of iSGTW readers

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This report provides results and analysis for the July 2011 iSGTW readership survey, in which 137 readers, 1.7% of our readership, filled in a multiple choice survey and provided comments. This number was lower than expected, however the results for key questions were similar to previous surveys, indicating we got a similar cross-section of the readership. The respondents were generally positive about the new look and layout, though less knowledgeable and more critical of the interactive features and user-generated content. This survey shows that some previous campaigns have been very successful such as attracting media. However, it also shows that some were unsuccessful, such as attracting younger people and students. As a result of this survey, we are going to actively promote the site to younger people and students, as well as the functions of posting jobs, events and announcements.

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