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EGI-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3598-v12 VO SLA VESPA and VO OLAs VESPA Yin Chen et al. EGI-ACE
09 May 2022
3712-v5 VO SLA OPERAS and VO OLA OPERAS Yin Chen et al. EGI
13 Apr 2022
3757-v3 VO SLA EISCAT and VO OLA EISCAT Yin Chen
16 Feb 2022
3576-v4 VO SLA EMPHASIS and VO OLAs EMPHASIS Yin Chen et al.
28 May 2021
3602-v2 MoU Between EGI Foundation and CNIC, Chinese Academy of Sciences Yin Chen et al. EGI
22 Jul 2020
3453-v1 EGI Data Transfer Service - training materials Yin Chen User Engagement and Support
23 May 2019
2544-v1 EGI Communities Requirement Extraction Template Yin Chen EGI-Engage
User Engagement and Support
18 Oct 2016
2800-v1 EGU2016 INDIGO submission and presentations Yin Chen INDIGO-DataCloud
25 Apr 2016
2799-v1 EGU2016 Submissions and Presentaions Yin Chen EGI-Engage
25 Apr 2016
2546-v3 EGI Communities Requirement Extraction Template: Open Data Platform Yin Chen Internal
User Engagement and Support
30 Jul 2015

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