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EGI-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3931-v1 D3.2 DTE First software release Unknown et al. WP3 Technical Coordination and Interoper
07 Mar 2024
3930-v3 D3.1 DTE blueprint architecture, functional specifications and requirements analysis first version Raul Bardaji Benach et al. WP3 Technical Coordination and Interoper
21 Dec 2023
3762-v2 VO SLA Binare-Oy and VO OLAs Binare-Oy Andrea Manzi EGI
16 Jul 2021
3792-v1 EGI-ACE D6.5 Periodical assessment of Federated access services Andrea Manzi WP6 Federated Access Services (VA)
08 Aug 2023
3891-v1 CEITEC CryoEM VO SLA Andrea Manzi Operations
13 Jul 2023
3595-v5 VO SLA ENVRI-FAIR and VO OLAs ENVRI-FAIR Andrea Manzi WP10 Technical Coordination
22 Apr 2021
3697-v1 Big Data tools - EGI Landscape Analysis Andrea Manzi et al.
29 Mar 2021
3687-v2 Machine Learning - EGI Landscape Analysis Enol Fernandez del Castillo et al.
26 Mar 2021
3583-v2 Report about the evaluation of OneData by the SeaDataNet community Unknown et al. EOSC-hub
13 Mar 2020

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