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EGI-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
120-v11 User Community Board (UCB) - Terms of Reference Sergio Andreozzi et al.
27 Nov 2018
2480-v1 Compendium of e-Infrastructure requirements for the digital ERA Isabel Campos Plasencia et al. User Engagement and Support
20 May 2015
2451-v3 EGI Federated Cloud Blueprint Enol Fernandez del Castillo UCB
User Engagement and Support
24 Mar 2015
253-v2 Virtual Research Community accreditation in EGI Steve Brewer et al. UCB
23 Jan 2012
527-v3 VO Services Workplan (May-October 2011) Ignacio Blanquer et al. EGI-InSPIRE
08 Jun 2011
277-v1 VO Services Activity Summary and Workplan (Month 6) Goncalo Borges UCB
09 Dec 2010

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